The baskets I make are handcrafted at my studio in Friendship, Indiana.  Friendship is a small town in a valley about 40 miles southwest of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Basket Man

All baskets are designed to be stylish yet functional.  They are individually handcrafted from hardwood maple double woven in both directions.  The rims are secured with copper plated steel rivets to assure the integrity of the basket.  The inside bottoms are screwed in which allows for the addition of wood cleats on the underside. This keeps the basket up off the ground and adds to the life of the basket.  The final step is  to sign and date each basket on the day of its completion.

Producing a strong basket is important but standing behind the workmanship is also vital.  Therefore every basket carries with it an unconditional lifetime warranty.  If a basket from The Basketman is ever damaged, it will be rebuilt or replaced, as I think necessary, at no charge.  The owner is only responsible for shipping costs.

The functional beauty and durability make the baskets practical for everyday use. They make unique gifts and are a future family heirloom.  My goal is to make America’s finest baskets.